Automated SMS is a versatile tool which you can use to boost your revenue. There are 2 main ways automated SMS marketing can help your business.

SMS Marketing

What is your course of action when you receive a text message? Do you clear the notification before reading it? Of course not!

Did you know that up to 99% of text messages end up being read? This means that when you send a marketing message via SMS, you’re almost guaranteed to have everyone read it.

This means that if you send a marketing message to 10,000 leads, you can enjoy 9,900 readers. Now that’s cheap marketing.

We like to include a strong call to action in our SMS marketing message, fetching up to 70% URL click rate. That’s 7,000 visiting any link we include!

SMS Messaging and Reminders

Another great example of utilising automated text messaging is when you rely on regulars to sustain your revenue stream, or when customers pay a regular bill. Examples of these are: hairdressers, doctors, dentists, debt collectors, real estate management, restaurants with booking systems, and the list goes on.

Manually sending your text messages are great, but automating this process or connecting it to a booking system can solidify a new revenue stream and save hours of manual text messaging at the same time. If you have thousands of customers or manage hundreds of bookings, this needs to be automated.

If your business can benefit from automated SMS messaging, do not hesitate to message us, as this can be one of the best places to put your marketing budget towards.

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