A web app is more than a website. In fact, the world of web app development can change the course of your entire business.

Websites like Canva, DuoLingo, or Google Maps are all examples of web apps. They all appear on a website but are all tools that give valuable, personalised, and focused experiences online.

If you decide that your business needs web app development, then you are looking to:

  • provide personalised experiences to your customers
  • create and build a highly scalable, online revenue stream
  • create a unique online service for your industry

The possibilities are literally endless, so here are some examples of what useful webapps might be:

  • Analyse data collected from your sales
  • Generate thousands of invoices from a spreadsheet immediately
  • Display reports in graphical form for easy readability
  • Provide the ability for employees to clock in and out
  • Track your business expenses
  • Boost your lead generation and conversion by digitally tracking your sales funnel
  • Track your assets online

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